May 9, 2020

Life Gets In The Way or Where Has The Time Gone

Hey, blogosphere!

And here we are. six years later.

I kept this blog open though I knew I was not able to write. Topics, events, stories are always in my mind and heart but time and wherewithal meant my posts were not to be. I missed it. So much has happened in my horse life and my personal life,  sometimes I wonder how I got to the other side of it all. But one does, and here I am., still working for, working with, and again, going to  write about horses.

Many horses have come in to my life in these five years. Several have stayed; some for longer than others. People have gone, too. My Dad, my Aunt and Uncle; the last of the adults who loved me unconditionally. In 2013 my dad  became my full time job. He died March 1 2014. A week after his memorial my husband, working in FL at the time, coded at the gym and was taken to the ER non responsive; I would need to come to come and be prepared to take him off life support. For three weeks I watched him struggle in the CVICU. When released to a rehab hospital he didnt know we had kids, where he was...the best I could hope for was to take him home in a wheelchair and feed him the rest of his life. It was a sad and exhausting time. I read nursery rhymes to him. I sang to him. I played hand games and counted his fingers. Weeks turned in to months but against all odds and expectations he recovered intellectually and physically. Its like it never even happened.

With all the changes and upheavals and setbacks and drawbacks I put writing on hold.  I was able to get back to the horse work and have had some interesting, educational, sometimes heartbreaking, always rewarding horse experiences in the last 6 years. But regardless of changes in situations and horses and loss, the reasons I started, and why I want to readdress this blog remain. Horses are too often misunderstood.  Horses still suffer silently. It remains a sad truth...that horses don't cry.