Apr 11, 2012

Sing It, Sistah!

This Miracle Light Bulb was in and of itself pretty transforming. But it was brought home to me in such a clear and I Will Never Look Back way by a horse I had  started riding only three weeks before the CR clinic. His name was Tucker.

He was a very handsome Canadian TB/Trakhener cross, about 16.2, truly black. Very typey and such a mover! He belonged to a girl I’d met at Smith who was busy with college and  really couldn’t keep him. She gave him to me; we brought him to my house in Ashfield where I had a little barn and ring and miles and miles of gorgeous trails. Woohoo!

Well. I had seen this horse at shows and clinics and I knew he was a steady, willing, quiet horse who looked effortless to ride. Not to mention really handsome with an appealing friendly personality. I was so excited!

Until I rode him that first day.


I couldn’t make him go.

As in literally, I could not make him go. I mean, we walked, in fact we walked up the trails and cruised through the orchards with out a problem. But I couldn’t get him to trot. I didn’t even try to get him to canter. He Would Not Go.

He didn’t buck or kick or even pin his ears. He just didn’t go. I am sorry to say I ‘went to the whip’ but he didn’t care. Spurs ditto. A step or two of faster walk was it.

I didn’t get it. I knew he could do anything, I had seen it. His student mom had not been beating him or spurring him to make him go. So WTH?!

Remember me writing about how miserable I felt about my riding? Did this help? Man, I was SO unhappy.

And then I went to that clinic.

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