Jun 29, 2012

Why I Do What I Do, and How I Get the Horses I get. Watch, Weep, Change It.


Interrupting the story to post this. THIS is why I titled my blog the way I did. THIS is what breaks my heart. These horses are crying, we just don't hear them. Why not? Why don't we hear them? These riders and trainers 'love' their horses. Why is this accepted practice? What can we do as an industry?

We can start by not supporting these trainers and riders financially. We can start by not supporting judges who reward this. We can start by supporting stewards who penalize this. We can start by showing horses that aren't ridden this way.


  1. Trainers and riders that do this to a horse don't love them -- they love the wins, they love the fame, they DO NOT love the horses.

  2. Thats why I put love in quotes. They think they do. They feed them, care for them, buy the best feeds and supplements and boots and what have you. Its a wretched life for a horse. And its emulated all over the world. Who speaks for the voiceless?