Aug 5, 2012

FEI, you suck.

Heres Patrick Kittel, of the blue tongue fame, showing us how its done at the Olympics. The FEI assured us on its FB page that the stewards were ON it. No rollkur here!

Feh. Seriously. Feh. A pox on them all.

Rollkur is harmful. Rollkur is unnecessary. Rollkur is cruel. FEI, you suck.

Seriously. This is why, on Dr. Heuschmanns recommendation, I made my hats that say 'DRESSAGE-Ist Nicht fur Rabauken' and the back of the hats say 'Pferde Nein Ensklaven'. This translates as 'DRESSAGE-its Not for Bullies' and the backs say 'Horses Arent Slaves'. Its my own way of putting it out there.

We need to put these people out of business. We need to tell the FEI that we care. We need to tell show managers that we know which judges reward this. It will not stop until people make it very clear, with their pocketbooks and their voices, that it *must* stop. If we love our horses, and we love our sport and our industry, we have to speak up.


  1. just like we need to pass a law that prohibits gaited horses from showing in anything but natural or light shod. I say: ban Rolkur AND the "big lick" shows.

  2. Yes! Big Lick is a crime. And I am also going to stick my nose out and say how much I dislike Western Pleasure the way it is now and has been for the last 15 or 20 years. Its an aberration. We say we
    love' our horses, and yet this is what we do to them to make them 'perform'. God help us.

  3. The longer I live with horses, the more I realize the incredible sensitivity they possess. It's just pure evil driven torture what some people (knowingly and unknowingly) force upon these poor animals. You just want to give up, sit down in the dirt and weep. But that helps no horse. God bless you Abby, for doing all you can to enlighten the blind.

  4. I take no credit Elaine; its the vets who are doing the research and the trainers speaking out against it that get the credit. I sure do hate it though. Luckily, I live in an area that has excellent trainers who know that they can have success with their horses without doing this. But other parts of the world, not so much, and this is admired and emulated. Again, I feel that if horses had a cry, a sound for pain, that the horse world would be a different place. We just have to work to tell people that they do suffer, they just do it silently >;-<